Think outside of the box for your promo items!  What promotional items are popular today? Here are some ideas to consider for your golf tournament or trade show.

1. Cell phone fans

It can get hot on a golf course, and who doesn’t have their cell phone with them?

Cell phone fans are driven by a cell phone’s battery from its charging port. And it’s likely people will keep their fan handy for the rest of the summer and beyond!

2. A sunblock pocket pack

This is the perfect giveaway for outdoor events. People forget their sunscreen, or they need to re-apply it. And WOW – see our special below!

3. Solar phone chargers

This “green” gift will come in handy for those who forget to recharge their phones before heading to the golf course or big event.

4. Reusable folding water bottles

Bulky plastic water bottles can take up a lot of space, but how handy is one you can fold up for easy storage, and then fill it up before you hit the road!

5. Reading glasses

Magnification reading glasses can be a unique and useful promotional product, especially for a baby boomer audience. Cardboard-framed reading glasses are durable, cost-effective, and easy to print with your logo or brand message.

the Green Fest featured a variety of vendors, exhibitors and crafters who shared their eco-friendly products, offered demonstrations and provided an array of recycling opportunities.